Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ubuntu as an office platform

Because I needed a laptop, but had no money to buy a brand spanking new one, I had to resort to using my wife's old one. The problem with this one was, that it only had 256 MB RAM and as a consequence WinXP constantly ran out of virtual memory. So what to do in the short term?!?

I chose to install a dual boot of Ubuntu, which is no big deal nowadays especially since the laptop I have was built for use with Linux.

Now, about two months later, I am in pure amazement of Ubuntu and how far it has come! First of all, without a RAM upgrade Ubuntu was also slow, but nothing in comparison to WinXP, so it was useable for the things I needed. I then chose to do a memory upgrade following one of the many guides out there.

Suddenly, it is a lean, greeeee...y calculating machine. What's even better, I am starting to get into using the open source office suite like Libre Office  and other tools. Today, I dreaded to install the Network printer, because in WinXP it's always been a bit iffy. In Ubuntu in took me exactly 2 minutes (plus minus 10 seconds). It recognised it, installed the drivers and bob's your uncle.

Thinking back on my first steps with Ubuntu, it really has come a loooooong, long way and it is all the stronger for it. Doing proofreading for the python project, I also end up using Ubuntu on this very laptop, which leaves my PC unfortunately rather unused lately, which is a shame really. I may end up having to reinstall Ubuntu there again :D

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