Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sony Vaio Walkman - an excellent mp3 player... except for one slight little detail

I recently was given a Sony Vaio Walkman (follow this link for specifications) as a gift for my birthday and I have to say, it is a spectacularly good mp3/video player. I only use it for mp3, and for that it is amazing. Battery life is ridiculously long and the sound quality is more than sufficient for my needs (god only knows if that is a high standard or not).

There is only one tiny, teeny little detail that really, I mean really, effing annoys me about this player. When the little lever on the side is put on hold, the buttons still respond by switching on the screen and kindly telling me that the player is put on hold EVEN WHEN I SWITCHED IT OFF!!!

This is honestly ridiculous. As a consequence, whenever I have it in my pocket (or in a bag) and to carry it around with me, everytime "something" touches a button, it drains a little bit of battery life. I give you an example. The Vaio was in my rucksack. I put it in there in case I wanted to listen to music some time. Two days later, I take it out in order to just do that. Guess what. Yes! you are correct! The battery was flat!!! Who thought of that stupid design. So rather than having it with me at all times, I really have to think when to take it with me, just in case I accidently drain the battery by walking!?!?!?

It looks nice however... what a bunch of designer morons.

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