Sunday, 11 December 2011

RPG Music'N'SFX - Music in roleplaying - a first Trial

If you read the blog carefully, you will remember the entry where I mention the music player that I wrote (follow this link). I finally managed to use it in a session. I had several scenarios prepared and I must admit, it worked out pretty well.

I think the proof that it worked very well, was that two of the players after awhile complained that it really had to rain "all the time" (they were fighting a group of bandits in a forest in the pouring rain) while two others said, this should really be the case, because being outside without shelter in the pouring rain "is" miserable. So it definitely had an effect.

However, it must be said that screening the music is a very tedious job. I spent the train journey to the roleplaying venue (about 4 hours) sieving through various games and movie soundtracks.

Improvement wise, I have to say that I best restructure the GUI and add some functionality. It just goes to show that it really is best, to use the classical design for a music player with playlist and so on. I didn't want to do that, because I had three different categories on how to use the files (well, now, I have four) and it would have been confusing.

Now, I think differently about it and I may need to make a bunch of adjustments to give it more flexibility. i realised the flexibility issue after I realised I need a backgorund sound for a graveyard... I didn't see that one coming. Anyhow, more fun to play with python.

Since I started on helping out in the core mentorship program, I have already learnt a fair bit more about various aspects of python.

Conclusively, I would say, all in a ll a very good session again. I am starting to feel more comfortable as a GM.

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