Saturday, 19 November 2011

Roland Emmerich Films are boring

Yesterday, I watched, as a favour to my darling wife, Roland Emmerich's film 2012. Now, unlike most Germans, I strongly dislike his movies. Funnily enough, I find them too American and the story is always weak at best.
Whenever, I watched a film, I always get the feeling, that I have seen something like that already. It's always (with a strong American... often Texan accent) "the best <insert appropriate person or machine> in the worrrrrrrrld". Then, the people always speak directly to "the Prrrresiden*no 't'*". Then the world goes to shits and generally some monument or another is destroyed. In 2012, it was the Washington Monument, but we also already had Paris and its Eifel Tower, the White House and many more. Then, they show a couple of pictures of how the world looks like after the apocalypse and then the film ends.

Sorry, Roland, not good enough. Please, PLEEEEASE, pretty pleeeeeeeease, less pathos, better story and "different" special effects, you don't have to go without, just different ones please. Destruction is all nice and well, but does it always have to be the grandest scale of things? For that matter, does it always have to be the "Prrrrresiden of the United States of Amerrrrrrrica" who is a hero (flying a fighter jet or helping the common man and whatnot). Good stories don't necessarily feed off superlatives, they feed off a well-written and well-told script, suspense, a good story arch, a good setting and good actors. Now all these things you can choose.

So please, PLEEEEEEEEASE, change something, SOMETHING! I'm starting to wonder if you prefer to be American. I would have thought that a non-American would add a slightly different viewpoint, too. I heard people refer to his movies as "the great cinema experience"... sadly, they aren't.

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