Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Journey to Dunédin and Speight's Brewery tour (5.3.2014)

Expecting another rainy and very windy day, we made our way from Christchurch to Dunédin (apparently the more Scottish place of the lot). I had jetlaggy symptoms (wide awake at midnight until 4 am, then another 2 hours and awake again). It awaited us a tour of about five hours down the road. Mostly due to the lack of real highways. The maximum speed limit is 100 km/h which were most of the time slowed down by lorries driving 70 on single lane roads.
The beginning of the journey was marred by floodings of the streets, but once we got clear from Christchurch to our surprise it became more and more dry. So dry, in fact, that we decided to stop over at a place called Moeraki boulders. These are boulders that were formed underground, but the nearby sea, slowly but surely eroded away the earth and took the boulders with them to the beach. There they are very smooth almost spherical like due to the constant erosion of the water. We enjoyed a little walk in the sun with a little wind after a 3 hour trip from Christchurch. There we also observed the sometimes not so rational thought process of adolescents (see below for pictures).
Afterwards, we hurried to Dunédin to check into our hostel and rush off to a Brewery tour of Speight's, NZ's most widely spread beer. The one thing we learnt now for sure is, that we are too old for backpacker hostels. We appreciate having a room, that is bigger than a matchbox and has its own bathroom. Also the music playing loud till late at night... we're just old ;)
The Speight's tour was very interesting. As Isi and I are fans of different types of beer, and we enjoy brewery tours, there were many things that we already knew, but some things were knew to us, too. At the end, we all were pouring ourselves a beer and get photos taken. It was a very relaxing atmosphere with good chats.
In expectations of tomorrows tour at the Penguin Conservatory and the Hairraiser Ghoststory tour in the evening, we decided to go to bed early and see how unrefreshingly we will sleep tonight ;) 

The street floodings on our way to Dunédin

Moerakin boulders

 Isi on a boulder
We didn't ask...
Beach with Moerakin boulders

Playing around with the camera settings (Moerakin)
 Our amazing Dual Beer Drawing Skills at the Speight's Brewery...


  1. I remeber us stopping at the beach some 200 or 300 meters away from those boulders on our way from Dunedin to Christchurch, but were just to lazy to do this little walk. ;-)

    So by now you've left the cities of the South Island being the "boring" part and now are advancing to THE REAL New Zealand. Have fun! :-)

  2. @Marian

    True dat! Wait for the next entry. It was awesome!!!