Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ferry to the North Island, Tongariru and a Little Luck (20.3.2014)

Today was the day, we had to go to the other island :( We like the South Island... a lot. There was so much more for us to explore, but we are unfortunately on the fast track, so it was time to go.

For some reason, the ferry did not hold much interest for me. I took ferries before both with a car and without. People say the move from Picton out of the Marlborough Sound is very beautiful... but I have been to Milford and Doubtful Sound, so for some reason I was really enthralled by that book I was reading (Thankfully, I finished it tonight and now I am free again). Isi was having none of it and jumped around on the deck. Maybe I should have stuck with her. She saw a sea lion playing around in the water and a school of dolphins. I only caught a brief glimpse of them. I really wanted to see dolphins and whales. Ah well, it wasn't meant to be...

Our arrival in Wellington was unspectacular, as is the city, I must say... y'know, it is just another city. What struck me was how modern it was, but we didn't investigate, as we only were there to withdraw cash from the cash machine and then carry on. We had another 300 km to cover before the end of our day. Our destination was Tongariru National Park in the middle of the North Island to do the famous Alpine Crossing where we get to see among many other things Mount Ngauruhoe aka Mount Doom. We were told by many that this trail is pretty much overrun with tourists wanting to do it, but I guess this is one thing where we can't avoid them. We just want to see Mount Doom ;)

Oh, speaking of tourists, what is it with all the Germans here in New Zealand. I think we met more Germans here in two weeks than we did in four years in Belgium. I find it strange, annoying and sometimes amusing. Especially, when we book tours speaking English while the person opposite is clearly a German student working while trying to practice his English a bit. Guess s/he is not practicing that often :D

The journey was long, uneventful and tedious. However, when we finally arrived at the hotel, we had a little bit of luck. We checked into our room in a hotel in a village again only made up of hotels and enough houses to accomodate the staff of the hotels. The room had me strangely reminiscing about my first private accomodation in Glasgow in Rupert Street. It had enough space for a Queen Size bed and apart from that nothing else. There was a telly on one of those holders in the top right corner of the room. When Isi and I watched the news for the weather forecast for tomorrow (for the Alpine Crossing, the weather is crucial), one of the legs buckled and we were stuck with a three-legged bed. I only went to the reception to ask for a repair. They insisted on moving us to another room. "Unfortunately", there was a twin available (two separate single beds) and one category up. After explaining that this is our honeymoon, we are now in a room that is about double the price (we assume) as it is about three times the size and better panorama. 

I hope our luck won't fade after this. The weather already looks to be rather wet for our remaining time, but after Tongariru we chose Hamilton as our final base of operations from where we can reach many different places without much travel.

Marlborough Sounds from the Ferry

I will miss this very typical panorama of glacier formed hills before the sea

sun glistening...

Yes!!! A better room :)

 The panorama from our terrace

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  1. Looks amazing trip!! Miss you both !!!